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DuThu’s mission is to build sustainable long term relationships with all our stakeholders coupled with values of contributing to an empowered community base. Part of building that, requires us to play a meaningful role as a corporate citizen, which takes not only commitment, but also dynamic business performance. This is not just good for our reputation – which is built on what we do as part of the communities in which we live and service – but it is also the right thing to do.

By focusing on the depth rather than the breadth of our impact, at DuThu Foundation we operate at society’s most basic unit—the family with specific focus on child headed families and youth.

Like all caregivers, we commit to our youth by creating individualized, flexible plans to address the challenges they face. Our program’s guiding philosophy is inherently simple; The success of the DuThu foundation is inextricably linked to our comprehensive household stability, health, and education services. To fundamentally change a township youth’s life, we must address all of the obstacles that s/he faces. This is the cornerstone of our work— we ensure that, after just a few years with DuThu, our youth participants are empowered, in every sphere of their being, to access education, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities thus growing into healthy, well rounded adults with stable incomes.

DuThu Enterprises is currently solely the funder of the foundation’s activities, as it’s social responsibility arm of the business. In due course the Foundation will attain the necessary NPO status and relevant registrations with Department of Social Development and SARS. This will enable us to forge partnerships with additional and external sponsors to accelerate the reach of this vision in our communities with households and youth in dire situations.

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