DuThu Homes

We aim to provide a holistic and complete property service for residential investors, home buyers and sellers. The following are polished services designed to help our clients realise their property intentions:

Real Estate

  • Property Marketing Proposals and Packages
  • Property appraisals and market research
  • Rental Management
  • Property Improvement: Interior design, Renovation Services and Advice, Property Staging, Property Clean up



DuThu Wholesale

We provide wholesale and retail trade services for a wide array of quality consumer goods. We pride ourselves with quality merchandise. The following are the key product categories:

Retail Industry

  • Home décor and Textile products: wide range of home furnishings, fabrics, furniture and accessories.
  • Alternative energy products for homes/businesses: Generators, Inverters, Solar Products and Rechargeable lights.
  • Clothing Apparel for Corporates: PPE and Work wear, Security Uniforms, Reflective clothing and Healthcare garments.



DuThu Transport

We provide cost effective transport solutions for a wide range of assets and offer urban transport for corporate executives and airports. Our fleet is duly insured and safety conformance is higher than the minimum prescribed traffic safety requirements.

DuThu - Transport

  • Executive Shuttle Services
  • Cold Storage Goods Transportation
  • General Goods Transportation
  • Courier Services



DuThu Academy

We offer academy services that are duly accredited by various training authorities. We specialise in the design and delivery of training programmes that do not just improve learners’ understanding but emphasise the practical application of what they are being taught. We can also work with you to develop customised learning materials. Key service areas we offer:

Training and facilitation services

  • Facilitation Services: Facilitation skills to organisations for workshops, strategy planning and teaming across all levels in an organization.
  • She training in Textile Industry: Help organizations design and implement SHE policies and offer on-site training of SHE representatives.
  • Intel Classroom Teacher training: Providing professional development to help educators inspire excellence in the classroom using technology.



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